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Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Issues

Well, they aren't computer issues this time. I swear, it never rains but it pours.

Thursday I had to have my grandmother transported to the hospital. She seemed to be having problems breathing and she wasn't coherent. When we got to the hospital, we found she was covered head to toe in a very itchy rash.

She is doing better. Apparently, the mental confusion was most likely attributed to a low sodium count. We still do not know what caused the rash. She has no memory of the past few days, but she is able to carry on a conversation now. They have her on a sodium drip and a potassium drip. Her sodium levels are coming back up. I'm hopeful that things are going to go back to normal.

She is 80, but is usually sharp as a tack. Her sister has come up from Texas to help care for her. I'm not sure when she is going to get out of the hospital. The rash is still there, but at least now, she is not is such discomfort that she moans whenever she breathes. She says she was never in pain though. When I saw her today, she said she never realized that she was moaning with each breath.

It has been hard to see her like this. This woman raised me for most of my childhood and I can only remember her being sick two times. Once was when she had shingles, and the other I'm not sure what. But I remember her laying on the couch with the lights out and a trash can by her head.

The hardest part of this was when she was still confused. She knew who I was and her son Kevan. But she didn't know that her husband had passed on 1 1/2 years ago. She didn't know the year, but she knew what hospital she was in. She couldn't remember that I called an ambulance for her. She had no memory of driving herself to urgent care that morning. Seeing her like that was hard on me and I'm really glad that part is mostly over. I can handle the slips in memory that she is having now.

She was our babysitter for Alex on the weekends when both Steve and I worked. Right now, I'm not sure what is going to happen there. :( We'll make do best we can, I guess. You gotta do whatcha gotta do I guess.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm back....Computer is still downloading 5000+ emails and I'm off to work.

I hope to have a chance tonight to catch up on emails and to post a longer update. :)

Hope everyone is doing well and nothing too bad has happened this past month.