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Monday, July 28, 2008

Pulling out a UFO

A post I saw on ILCS the other day reminded me of a UFO I have. It took some searching online before I finally found the pattern. It was a 16 month mystery SAL. The final picture is below.

I'm stitching it 1x1 on a silvery-gray linen. It's been so long I no longer know what the fabric is...probably 32ct, but I don't know who made it. It is quite similar to this. I am using GAST in Currant and Deep Sea. My progress is very small...very very small. I had stopped before I had even finished the first section that came out. I worked on it a little tonight. This is all I have done.

I really am going to have to do something about a camera. My phone just makes everything look positively green.

Here is a close up of the work so you can get a better idea of the colors...sort of. lol