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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Christmas Ornament

Well, this weekend I spent all my stitching time working on my ornament for the ILCS Blind Ornament Exchange. Everyone stitches an ornament, we all send them to one of the moderators, and then she sends an ornament to everyone that sent one in. I've gotten all the stitching done except the border (still not sure if I'll do it yet) and the backstitching. The pattern was a freebie offline and didn't have the floss numbers for the backstitching, I'm going to have to make it up as I go along. :( Hopefully it will turn out alright. I am still not sure exactly how I am going to finish it either.

Still using the camera phone. Now you have your choice...green or blue. ;) lol

I haven't begun my Monopoly piece yet. As far as I know, Steve (DH) still doesn't know that I am going to be working on it. I will probably start next weekend if I get the ornament done. I figure I'll work on BoInk and BMF while he's up and then Monopoly Sunday and Monday after he goes to bed.


Kelly said...

Thats lovely, regardless of whether it's blue or green lol!
Hugs, Kelly

Meari said...

I wonder why your phone changes it's color like that? Looking forward to seeing your finished ornie. :)

Nancy said...

Looks great so far! I think I like the green better! LOL

meilairestitcher said...

that looks pretty, BW! :)

Gabi said...

It looks lovely....green OR blue...and will make a beautiful ornament.

Anonymous said...

Pretty ornament. Great work.
Debbie Jo