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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One More Start

Well, it's not a start yet but it soon will be. I am finally going to start work on Monopoly...just like my DH has been bugging me for years to do. LOL The thing is, I'm going to try and keep it secret from him. Not sure how well that is going to go, but I've got to try. I've signed up for the Monopoly SAL on Yahoo! Groups. I'm hoping that it will motivate me to keep me going. I'm really wanting to get this done for Christmas and if not that at least for DH birthday in March.

I've also started a BAP for myself. I've started Mystic Stitch's Blue Moon Faery I'm not sure how I can NOT do this. It combines several of my favorite things into one beautiful work of art: Blues, Fairies, and Owls. Just about the only thing missing is a book. LOL I don't have any pics of this one. I just hate taking pictures with that phone camera. It makes everything look nasty. I don't have a flatbed scanner or I'd use that.

I've only gotten about 250 stitches or so done on her and all the blues would never show up without a good picture.