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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Update

Took the little man to the doctor for his yearly checkup. He turned 4 at the end of May and I hadn't gotten him in yet. I have a feeling that all those tall genes that skipped me in my family have found their way to him. He came in at 44 1/2 inches tall and 52 lbs. That's over 95% for his age on both stats. Average height is about 41 inches and weight is 37 lbs. That makes him sound fat, but he really isn't. He's got a little belly on him but it's not fat. At least it doesn't seem that way to me. More like he's just holding on to his baby fat a little longer than most.

The cats in the family are seeming to get along a little better than they were. At least Cedar is tolerating Esme better. LOL

Esme is putting on weight. She is over 2 lbs now. We figure she about 13 weeks now. I have a feeling she will never be a large cat.

For those of you who have never seen DH's fat cat let me show you. I have no idea how much this cat weighs. He is a large cat, but also overweight. He dwarfs little Esme, but she has no fear of him and continually pounces on him and play fights with him. You can see in the above picture of both of them how much larger he is.

I'm still working at the casino and driving much more than I wish I was. I end up putting at least 500 miles on my car each week. That's a lot of wear and tear on the car and a lot of gas. I like my job though. So that is why it would be hard to leave. The money is good too, otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford all the gas I have to use to get back and forth. I'm not against moving closer to my job, but DH just seems dead set against it. In many ways, I can't really blame him though.

Proposition A is coming up on the ballot here in Missouri this November. Right now it looks like it is going to pass and I have to admit I'm not completely sure that it should. I love the fact that it would get rid of Missouri's loss limit. (A player can only buy in for $500 every two hours.) I hate that it will limit the number of casino licenses the state can hand out. In fact, it won't allow any new casinos in Missouri at all. :( Which means that my hope of them opening one closer to me just goes out the window. It also means there will be no competition for my current casino. Competition is good for the employees. It can create better job environment and better benefits and pay. So, I'm still undecided on this issue. I will probably vote yes, though. And hope that it will help to turn my ugly red-headed stepchild of a casino into a real casino.