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Monday, October 27, 2008

Wonderful Gifts

I got a wonderful package in the mail today from Danni, a friend on ILCS. She sent me two charts from White Willow Stitching. I had both of them on my wishlist, too. :)

I got Blessed Be and


I'm really looking forward to stitching both of them. The Samhain will probably wait until next year, but I'm already planning what to do with the Blessed Be. There are a couple of different fabrics that I would like to use. Here is a sampling of some of my thoughts. Of course the thread color might change depending on which fabric I go with. They are all from Picture This Plus. One thing I really like on their site is they show you how the color looks on Aida, Linen, and Lugana all side by side. I think it really helps in making a decision. It's a pretty even split between Lugana and Linen for me. Let me know which ones you like.

Shadow - Lugana

Monet - Lugana

Loch - Linen

Gothic - Linen

Baroque - Linen

Voodoo - Lugana

Tarnish - Linen

Stellar - Lugana


Nancy said...

I love Gothic, I need to buy that for a snowflake pattern I have. I also have used Stellar and it's beautiful, but all PTP fabrics are great!!

J Rae said...

Welcome to the Yahoo stitching group!

I love PTP fabric! I just got a piece of fabric (Heather - 32 ct. linene) from them today, as a matter of fact.

I guess it depends on what type of look you are going for...the pieces are so varied. But, I really like Baroque or Voodoo.

Carolyn said...

I wont' be any help but I like 3 of the colors: Shadow, Stellar,and monet.

Sadie said...

Lucky you! What a great surprise. I like Monet and Shadow.

Shebafudge said...

Monet is my all time favourite fabric so I HAVE to vote for that one!! I am stitching Trick or Treat on it at the moment.

You have a great blog by the way.

Shelleen said...

OMG I love all of the fabric colors