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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bushel Update

While I didn't get to stitch for six hours like I'd planned, I did get in quite a few before I just got too tired to stitch. I probably got somewhere between three and four hours. I was able to get in a couple more flowers and couple of curly-cues. I did end up frogging a little, too. I had to frog some of the main stem. I'd missed a little jog in the pattern and it put me off about eight stitches or so. :( It wasn't a lot of frogging, but that is what I ended my night on.
I'm hoping that two or three more weekends stitching will have it done. It moves along rather quickly.
After I finish this, I get to start a BAP. I haven't decided exactly which one. It will either be:
Passione Ricamo
My Lady of the Snow

My Big Toe Designs

1 Corinthians

I really like both pieces. Some of the ILCS members are going to be doing a Ricamo SAL and I'd like to join that. I would also like to have the MBT done before my next wedding anniversary. Although to be perfectly honest, even if I started today I doubt that would happen. LOL
I have an idea for the fabric for each of them, but I'll have to see how it pans out before I say anything.


Lelia said...

Luv the bushel & a peck!!! Such a charming project : )

Daffycat said...

This is really coming along! You know, the colors in this one really match my house...

Ooo, decisions, decisions! I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

J Rae said...

Sorry about all the frogging. Hope the rest finishes quickly for you with out anymore frog visits.

Tough decision on which to stitch.

Nancy said...

If you decide on the Passione, make sure to get a good working copy! I really detest the folding patterns! They are beautiful when finished though! Sorry about the car accident, always a bummer when things like that happen

Debbie Jo said...

Your stitching is really beautiful. Good luck on choosing on the next project. Maybe do a rotation with them?

sales said...

like your bushel and a peck! Boy that is a hard decision on your next project. I like then both too. I think the Big Toe Design one would go faster but they are both really nice!

najma said...

lovely project
and congratulation for your stitching jobs, they're great
best wishes

Sharon said...

Your progress looks beautiful! I really the PR piece.

Carolyn NC said...

Love the bushel & a peck! Good luck with the decisions. My suggestion - start both! :)

Cole said...

I love the MBT... I saw the Serenity Prayer and it's now on my ever growing "to do" list! Beautiful stitching!

Mare said...

Love you Bushel/ Peck wip so much I pulled mine pattern out and moved it to the need to start pile. Looking really good & love hearing how quick it moves along.

Bonnie said...

I really like your Bushel and a Peck. It reminds me of a country song that was popular many years ago. I remember singing it when I was little. I am anxious to see which design you pick.