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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

She's Up and Going!


My mom finally has her blog up and running. She only has the first post up...and no pictures :((, but I am sure those will come in time. Please check her out! When she does get the pictures up, you'll see just what beautiful work she does. She does have a couple of links on the side that will take you to recent finishes. You'll find her at A Cross Stitch Nut


Aury said...

I will certainly go and visit her!!
Just a little stop to thank you for putting me in your blogroll and to wish you and your family every happiness and many happy stitches for 2009!!

Barbara said...

I visited your mom's blog and left a message for her. I look forward to seeing her blog blossom. Have a very Happy New Year!!!!!
Barb in TX

Chiloe said...

Happppppppppppy Neeeeeeeeeeeeeew Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeear !!! Lots of joy, happiness, good health for you and your family !!!!

Lelia said...

Your Mom has a fantastic blog -- I wasn't able to leave a comment. Not sure why.